The summer time driving season has arrived and we’re taking to the highways and off the beaten path for weekend outings and sunny holidays.  listed here are 5 tips for a smooth summer ride.

1 – Get Your vehicle serviced before hitting the open road

Appropriate upkeep of your car before heading out is essential to prevent breakdowns.  make sure to get an oil change, check your battery, rotate the tires and make sure they are at the right pressure.  also be sure to fill up all fluids and clean all windows on the vehicle.

2 – Buckle Up

Safety first and obey the laws of the road.  that suggests making sure that you and your family are always buckled up.

3 – Keep alert

Schedule pit stops along the way for a group break, hydrate and get something to eat and return messages you may have missed.  if you’re feeling tired, trade drivers and if needed, staying overnight in a motel or hotel maight be a good choice.

4 – Keep your kids and pets always safe

Never leave a baby or a pet on their own in a parked car, even with the windows rolled down, or with AC on. youngsters’s physique temperature can warmth up 3 to 5 times more than adults and heatstroke can occur in temperatures as little as 14 degrees.

5 – Obey the legislation

Avoid trouble with authorities by following the rules of the road, respect always the speed limit, some jurisdictions will impound your vehicle for speeding, making you pay hefty fines to get your vehicle out, remember to alwasy stay safe and enjoy your summer holidays.